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Services of the locomotive depot enterprise

- Ensuring the technical condition and efficient operation of locomotives in the assigned fleet of locomotives;
- Ensuring the safety of train traffic, preventing traffic safety violations, taking measures to prevent accidents, defects, and malfunctions in operation;
- Taking measures to improve the efficiency and profitability of production, economical use of fuels and lubricants, electricity, and other materials;
- Thorough improvement of working conditions and recreation of employees, ensuring compliance with occupational safety standards and industrial sanitation in the workplace;
- Implementation of round-the-clock operational control over the activities of locomotives and locomotive crews;
- Public consumption, production of agricultural products, provision of transport, repair, and other paid services to the population and legal entities;
- Development of auxiliary economic activity;
- Development and implementation of new equipment and technologies in practice;
- Engage in other activities not prohibited by law.

Yuridik iste’molchilarga elektr energiyasi yetkazib berish namunaviy shartnomasi. yuklab olish