Ensuring traffic safety is the most significant priority

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On June 15, 2022 at the Karshi Locomotive Depot of the UE "Karshi Regional Railway Junction", in order to ensure traffic safety and ensure the implementation of the instructions given by the Chairman of the JSC "Uzbekistan Railways" H.N.Khasilov an extended meeting with the participation of the management of the Junction, the General Inspector of the Department of Technical and Technological Control UE "Karshi Regional Railway Junction" and depot staff was held. The meeting raised issues related to the operation of locomotives, maintenance, as well as the suffering of workers, developed measures to address them and gave instructions to the responsible managers. Also, in connection with the retirement of assistant machinists Toshev Doniyor Kushshaevich, Rakhmatov Burhon Mustafakulovich, security guard Radjabov Murodilla Toshevich, who have worked at the company for many years with dedication to their profession and perseverance were rewarded with thank-you notes and valuable gifts, followed by retirement with boundless respect and good wishes.

Moreover, the management of the Junction, the Inspector General of the Technical and Technological Control Department of the UE "Karshi Regional Railway Junction" visited the Karshi Locomotive Depot in the specially prepared "Sand" workshop for newly built modern electric locomotives, after getting acquainted with the process of citation, appropriate instructions were given on the shortcomings of the work being done here.

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